Davis Communications

services & approach


  • - creative direction, content development and narrative design to help you create stories
  • - research, analysis, stakeholder engagement, and discovery to get to what’s important
  • - writing content, speeches, articles, scripts, web, and advertising copy
  • - graphic design, layout, art direction, copyediting and restyling


  • - we buy in to your mission and values to create a message that is real and true
  • - we engage with you, your audiences, and stakeholders to develop the right message content and tone
  • - we conduct informed and current research to identify trends, gather data, and reinforce your message
  • - we use a structured drafting and reviewing approach to ensure the final message is on target


  • “Scott is a believer, give him a project and he’ll deliver.”

  • “A best-ever annual report for us, and the best I’ve personally seen.”

  • “Your work restructuring our sales communications has formed the core of our business.”

“10/10 – a perfect job.”

“This is exactly how I imagined our story would sound.”

*Many of our clients are in government so these are anonymized to protect client privacy. Please contact us for a list of client references.